May 01, 2005



From the Sneak Preview File...there has been some strong interested expressed in publishing a BOOK VERSION of my syndicated feature Health Capsules (click on "Syndicated Comic"). I'll keep you updated as things develop.

People have commented on the splash page for my web site. It's one of many backgrounds that I created for the internet animation WORM WARS. To see more, go to my links page and click on "Worm Wars". Our son, Eric, created Worm Wars. In a matter of a few months it rose in popularity to become one of the TOP TEN internet comics in the world! The first four episodes (click on "Episodes" at Worm Wars) were produced by Eric, with my backgrounds. Then Eric had to give up Worm Wars for college, and it has been picked up and carried on by his fans, and continues to by run by Worm Wars fans in Eric's absense. We were happy that his fans refused to let Worm Wars die. Who knows... maybe we'll create a new episode when he's home from college this summer.

That's it for now. More new posts soon from the outer edge of my ever expanding Cartooniverse.


posted by Bron Smith at 7:50 AM

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