June 08, 2005



If you're responding to our classified ad, go to the Fun Maps page and check out our maps, then contact us if you have any questions about this unique business opportunity. We're looking for people to help us market our maps. If you're not responding to the ad, jump down to the next paragraph.

At last the Clark County Adventures in Mapland feature is posted. Click on "Fun Maps" and scroll down to the bottom to Adventures in Mapland, then click on "Clark County". There you'll see the picture I shot of the largest non-native tree is Washington State, plus the little brick building where UHaul Trailers started.

Check back soon for two new maps: Bonney Lake, Washington and Skamania County, Washington. We're burning the midnight oil now to bring them in by the end of this month.

Check out the new logo that I created for Clownbuggie, a clown company. The logo is printed on the doors of their little green VW Bug. The Clownbuggie Clowns, Julie and Sue, are also the super sales people for our new Bonney Lake Map. In the New Additions section of the Portfolio Page.

I illustrated two new books earlier this year and the finished books just came back from the publisher. Language FUNdamentals, Book One and Book Two are the best books on writing that I've run across. They're even better with my zany illustrations. You'll find a few sample illustrations from the books in the New Additions section of the Portfolio Page.

That's it for now. Check back soon for more fun stuff from the outer edge of my ever expanding Cartooniverse.


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