July 04, 2005


We've been busier than a guppy's midwife this month, with two new cartoon maps in the works. Skamania County, Washington, is now posted in the Fun Maps section. Below it you'll see the "nutshell" version of Skamania County. I think the nutshell maps are more fun to look at than our regular cartoon maps. They're more fun to draw too, but you can't use them like a road map. They're purely decorative. I plan to do more of them in the future.

Check back in a couple weeks for our new Bonney Lake, Washington, map. We're blazing toward the finish line with Bonney Lake.

This weekend I fly to Ventura, California, to begin work on a new map for that California coastal town. Hope to see old friends in LA while I'm there.

Our boy wonder digital wizard son, Eric, just started a new Flash animation company, called MotionSmith Studios. Eric's first enterprise was the popular animation web site, Worm Wars. My splash page is one of the backgrounds that I created for a Worm Wars episode. Eric was only 18 years old, 18 months ago, when he created Worm Wars. Within a few months it was one of the top ten web comics in the world. The worldwide Worms community knows him as "Misterags".

We're just starting five new Flash animation projects for Vince Vance, the popular tall-haired band leader and performer. The first one is scheduled for release in late August. I will do the character design, backgrounds, and extremes. More details in future posts.

The fireworks are popping outside as I write, late on a hot July Fourth evening. We had a salmon barbecue today with good friends in Tacoma. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth too.

That's all for now. Check back soon for more cartoon maps and who knows what else from the outer edge of my ever expanding Cartooniverse.


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