October 22, 2005


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I think I've just come to the end of the 100-Page Book Era of my career. I've just completed the fifth of my increasingly popular, soon-to-be-classic, 100-page books. I've collaborated with esteemed author, R. E. Myers. He lets me call him Bob. Each book is packed with cleverly written information on every aspect of writing, penned by R. E. himself. If you want to be a writer, you should have these books. I look forward to further collaborations with Bob in the future. Click on "Portfolio" for a sneak peek at some drawings from my forthcoming, and fifth book. If you would like to buy the books, click on "Contact". I'll point you to the publisher.

If you're an art director, you'll note that the art for these books is often accompanied by talk balloons. Some AD's hire me because they can get free text with the art. That's right. You hire me, you pay through the nose for my drawings, but you get free talk balloon text. What a deal, right?

Our Marion County, Oregon, map is now sold out, and the art and text are on the home stretch. Special thanks to our super salesman first-born son, Brad, for selling out his first map. Thanks for the hospitality to my in-laws, Dick and Louise Colenso, and my high school buddy, John Buckingham and his wife, Susie, for putting me up while I was down there. If you're interested in having a map produced for your area, let us know. Click on "Fun Maps" to check out our sample maps.

I'm still slaving away, day and night, on my giant full-color Ventura, California map. I hope to complete the project sometime before I die of old age. I'll let you know, or my heirs will, when it's available. I anticipate that it will be the most ambitious and detailed map that I've ever drawn. I'm up to somewhere around 60 maps now, and counting, that I have personally drawn. Has anyone, anywhere, drawn that many cartoon maps? I wonder.

I'm looking forward to loading up my giant easel, and trekking back to my hometown of Sequim, Washington, to speak and entertain at the Fall Harvest Event at Sequim Bible Church. I just booked in Salem Christian School, in Salem, Oregon, for a program in February. If you'd like info on my school and church programs, click on "School Visits". I love working with kids.

Special thanks to DeVaul Publishing of Chehalis, Washington. They just signed on to run my syndicated newspaper comic, Health Capsules, in their newspapers. Click on "Syndicated Comic".

Well, that's it for now. Look for more fun stuff soon, from the outer edge of my ever-expanding Cartooniverse.


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