January 08, 2007


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Special thanks to Mrs. McCarty and the kids at Tacoma Baptist Christian School. I had a wonderful time there last week. Schools are among the most enjoyable aspects of my work. If you would like me to visit your school, contact me and I'll be glad to answer your questions. Check out my "School Programs" page.

Our Lane County, Oregon Map is now posted. Look for Adventures in Mapland for Lane County soon. Click on "Fun Maps" to see the new Lane County Map, plus dozens of other maps, about 60, that I've illustrated over the years. I have a new web site devoted exclusively to our cartoon maps. The URL: www.funmapsusa.com. Our son, Eric, (www.motionsmithstudios.com) created the new web site...he also did the cool Flash effects on the home page...just roll over the buildings on the top of the page.

I hope you don't mind if I use a paragraph to brag about Eric. Last week he was hired as the "web guy" for the NBA New Orleans Hornets. When you go to their site and look for stats after a game, Eric is the guy that does the posting, plus the Flash animation effects. He loves the job. What's interesting about this great first job of his career is that he hasn't even graduated from college yet! He posted his resume' on Monster.com on a lark, and the worse that could happen did...he got hired. They wanted him bad enough that they hired him even though he's still in college, and they're allowing him to finish college by going two mornings per week. He was going to graduate this spring. Because of his Hornets job, he will graduate next spring. Congratulations, Eric!

I just finished a fun illustration job. A wild and crazy, full color cartoon menu for Coburg Pizza in Coburg, Oregon. There are very few pizza parlors that would go so far as to have a custom illustrated full color menu. But Coburg Pizza is not your everyday pizza parlor. If YOU own a pizza parlor, or know someone who does, check out the pizza illustrations in the "Portfolio" section. They're not posted yet, but they will be real soon.

Trowbridge Chronicles just passed a milestone. As of this past New Years Day, Mrs. Trowbridge and her Trowbridge Chronicles celebrated its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. It's been an amazing and challenging year. I've immensely enjoyed getting acquainted with Mrs. T...that's what her fans call her. Her hand-scribed journal and lovely watercolors have inspired me and many others.

Many new projects on the horizon: A cartoon map of the USA for a summer camp program (this summer) in Virginia; a cartoon map of Gallup, New Mexico; a new series of cartoon maps in eastern Canada, a series of RV maps throughout Florida, cartoon T shirts in Florida, the Caribbean, and Ireland; a new series of cartoon maps in Ohio...to name a few.

FYI: The posting of all of my maps is now complete. Almost every map that I've ever drawn is here now on this site. Click on "Fun Maps". You'll also find the complete list of my maps at www.cartoonmaps.com.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more fun stuff from the outer edge of my ever-expanding Cartooniverse.

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