If you would like to order any of the listed products below, please email me at bronsmith@gmail.com with your order including: what you want and how much of it you want. If you would like any item autographed, be sure and specify to whom you would like the item signed. Thank you, and happy shopping!

It’s a story…it’s a poster. It’s a Story Poster! The story begins on the front with a large full-color illustration. The rest of the story, along with detailed line drawings, is told on the back side. Written, illustrated and hand scribed by Bron Smith. Prairie Street Press.

Polly, a bashful ladybug, never dared venture into the village for fear of being teased. Polly was shy because of her shell. It was not orange…it was purple! The story poster version of a 2003 Clubhouse Jr. Magazine story teaches the value of friendship.
Written and illustrated by Bron Smith. $2.00 each




Morty and his little brother Squeaky are two adventurous little mice. The trouble starts when Mom sends Morty and Squeaky to the Cheese Shoppe to buy a cheesecake for their father’s birthday party. Kids will learn the importance of honesty from this Huckleberry Hollow story.
Written and illustrated by Bron Smith. $2.00 each



Kids love to draw dinosaurs! This set of four Drawing Boards shows them, step-by-step, how to draw four different dinosaurs. Prairie Street Press. $2.00 each
• How To Draw Dizzy and Baby Dinosaur
• How To Draw Terry Triceratops, Tobey Turtle and Sammy Snail
• How To Draw Velociraptor, Dragonfly, Louie Lizard, Icarosaurus and Compsognathus
• How to Draw Stanley Stegosaurus, Mesadactylus and Baby Dino

Filled with fascinating facts, these zany stickers are fun and educational too. Created by Bron Smith. Prairie Street Press. $1.00 per page
• Skagway Toad & Friends
• Cyberspace Virus Monster Stickers
• Dizzy Dinosaur and Friends Giant Stickers
• Baby Dino Stickers

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