If you would like to order any of the listed products below, please email me at bronsmith@gmail.com with your order including: what you want and how much of it you want. If you would like any item autographed, be sure and specify to whom you would like the item signed. Thank you, and happy shopping!

Listed below are 23 titles illustrated by Bron Smith for Teaching and Learning Company. All of these titles are humorously illustrated…perfect for home schoolers.

TLC10005 Listen Up! MATH
TLC10021 Listen Up! SCIENCE
TLC10077 HS Declaration of Independence
TLC10078 HS Gettysburg Address
TLC10079 HS Bill of Rights
TLC10128 HS Pledge of Allegiance
TLC10129 HS Preamble to the US Constitution
TLC10130 HS Star Spangled Banner
TLC10220 HS FDRs Four Freedom's Speech
TLC10221 HS George Washington's Farewell Address
TLC10222 HS JFK's Inaugural Address
TLC10243 HS Executive Branch of the Govt.
TLC10244 HS Judicial Branch of the Govt.
TLC10245 HS Legislative Branch of the Govt.
TLC10342 Presidents' Day Bulletin Board-in-a-Book
TLC10348 HS Chief Joseph Surrenders
TLC10349 HS Emancipation Proclamation
TLC10350 HS Seneca Falls (Women's Rights)
TLC10357 Executive Branch of the Government Poster Papers
TLC10358 Judicial Branch of the Government Poster Papers
TLC10359 Legislative Branch of the Government Poster Papers
TLC10394 Presidents Time Line

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TLC’s minimum order policies may have a bearing on your order. If so, look for the above titles at your nearest educational supply store.

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