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Huckleberry Hollow is a fantastical animal realm that I created from a beloved real-life place. For many years I have hiked in the Olympic Rain Forest, near where I live here in Washington State. I always bring my camera when I trek into the forest. I have volumes of photographs of ferns, flowers, mushrooms, butterflies---anything that lives in the forest. I use the photographs that I have taken to bring more authenticity and realism into the stories. I hope that you enjoy them.

The Mystery Baker

I opted to bring my sleeping bag and pillow along when I went to a nearby park the other day to work on the Spider and the Fly. I figured that if variety really IS the spice of life I would work in the horizontal position instead of at a picnic table like I usually do. So I found a nice spot at the far end of the park beside a gently flowing stream, rolled out my bag, and set to work.

It wasn't long before I realized that I needed a quick nap, but I found it hard to fall asleep because just when I would start to doze off a stiff breeze would come up and disturb me. So, I crawled inside my bag and soon found myself dreaming about hairy spiders with spats. After my snooze, I climbed out of the bag and resumed my drawing. Not five minutes had passed before a kind lady of 87 years cautiously approached and offered me a tuna sandwich, with no explanation. Shortly after, another elderly lady offered me a chocolate chip cookie. Before I left the park no less than three ladies had offered me food.

I wondered why any woman of advanced age would approach a stranger in a park, so I asked each one of them. They all thought that I was a homeless man who probably hadn't had a decent meal yet today. I reluctantly accepted their offerings with the explanation that I may be homeless someday, but I'm not homeless yet. So, if you go to the park on a sketching trip, leave your sleeping bag at home...unless you want a free lunch.

" It's so nice of you to drop in...won't you join me for lunch?" said the spider to the fly.

---from Lunch with Mr. Spatz

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Enchanted Valley, south Olympic Mountains- When we took this trek into Enchanted Valley, we had to use this log to enter and exit the valley because the bridge was out. I got trapped on the log, trying to cross the river. Because of the protruding limbs, I couldn’t scoot any further. I was beginning to think that I would grow old in Enchanted Valley. I was rescued by a rope. You should see the raging rapids that are roaring below me.
I took Nashville business associate and photographer, Wendell McGuirk, up into the high county above Royal Basin, in the north Olympic Mountains on a photo safari. Wendell amazed me by taking a swim in icy tarn near where we camped without appearing to feel any effects of the cold...

Royal Basin High Counry, Olympic Mountains
...I tried wading up to my ankles and I almost passed out. It was indescribably cold! Wendell could also walk barefoot on sharp rocks with virtually no pain. He had thick callouses on the bottom of his feet from years of going barefoot.