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Worm Wars - If you like Worms, the edge-of-your-seat video game, you'll love the episodic animated series, Worm Wars. To see Worm Wars the movie, interact on the Worm Wars forum, and read about the history of Worm Wars, go to www.wormwars.com.

Doug Jones - Doug was my fax pal for many years. Now he's my email pal. He has a cool zany style and a witty writing style. He even dragged his whole family up here to the Northwest a few years ago. It was great to meet Doug and his family in person.

Dennis Jones - Two members of the same family with this much talent? Who said life was fair. The Baldwin Brothers of cartooning.

Planet Cartoonist - A virtual online encyclopedia of cartooning. You could burn up a whole evening here.

Cartoon Maps - Look for Fun Maps USA and other cartoon maps at Cartoonmaps.com.

Mt. St. Helens - Check out our Mt. St. Helens map and learn more about Mt. St. Helens here.

Sandy Haight - Sandy is my new illustrator friend. You'll like her elegant style.