Bron Smith clients include:

A & W Rootbeer, Arco, Baptist Youth Magazine, Becker & Mayer Books, Bob Kurtz Animation, Bowmar Publishing, Christianity Today, Compass Books, Concordia Publishing, Carlton Cards, Cook Communications, Creative Teaching Press, C. R. Gibson Books, Dayspring Greetings, Dell Books, Event Magazine, Focus on the Family Publishing, Frank Schaeffer Publishing, Glamour Magazine, Good Apple Publishing, Gospel Light Publishing, Group Publishing, Guideposts for Kids Magazine, Harvest House Publishers, Highlights for Children Magazine, Home Life Magazine, Hughes Airwest Airlines, Leadership Journal, Lifeway Publishers, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, MacMillan Publishing, Moody Books, Moody Monthly Magazine, People Magazine, Rigby Press, Saturday Evening Post Publications, Sesame Street Magazine, Soylac Products, Standard Publishing, Teaching and Learning Company, Ten Speed Press, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Time Magazine, Trinity Broadcasting Network, United Features Syndicate, USA Today, U. S. News and World Report, Warner Press, World Trend, and Wittenburg Door Magazine,

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Deborah and Barak for Pam Mullins Design

Great Moments in Aviation History Art Print

The Red Baron Art Print

Full Page Rebus Illustration for Highlights for Children Magazine

This is a 25 X 26 busy scene game board. If you have dial-up it will take a long time to load. This is just the artwork without the addition of the text and color in the game track. That will be done on the publisher's end. I drew it with a No.2 Micron pen and colored it with markers and Prisma color pencils.

Our humor book, Where’s Dan Quayle? flew out of bookstores when Dan Quayle was the bulls eye on the target of America’s political pundits. Noted book packagers Jim Becker, Andy Mayer and I teamed up on the project. It sold over 250,000 copies.

This scene, a detail from the House Chamber was part of the wrap around front and back cover. A grueling drawing and coloring marathon, it required about 600 hours to complete. And that was just the cover. If anyone ever asks you to illustrate a “Waldo” book, take my advice and run.

Dan Quayle himself told me that wherever he travels he is asked to sign copies of Where’s Dan Quayle?. His press secretary told me that Where’s Dan Quayle? found its way into the White House. I learned all this by crashing a private party held in Dan Quayle’s honor. I used my name on the cover of the book like a “press pass” to get past two layers of police barricades plus hoards of Secret Service agents. I also learned that day that you don’t just set your briefcase down and walk away from it, but that’s another story. I finally found myself visiting with Dan Quayle and getting my own copy of the book autographed. (Click here to see photo)

Convinced that the world needed yet another whacked-out political satire, we embarked on another book of overcrowded crowd scenes, this time with Prince Charles and Lady Diana as our targets. Always the glutton for punishment, I decided to put even more density into the crowd scenes for Where’s Charles and Di?. I must have been nuts at the time. It’s a good thing they were paying me a million a page. This wrap-around cover scene depicts the Royal Family at the royal wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

This crowd scene is the worst of the worst…the Royal Ascot races in England. By the time I finished the stadium crowd scene I was almost ready to check myself into Waldo rehab.

Click here for a hi-res version.

Just when I thought I had recovered from Charles and Di, I got a call for another Waldo job. This one needed to be even more people-packed. Thousands of images were required, drawn extremely small, to pack out each busy state in the USA Treasure Map (Becker & Mayer Books, 2002). Before it was over two more artists were brought in to bring the project in on deadline. The images were drawn, and reduced, so small that the map is sold with a magnifying glass.

Guideposts for Children Magazine

Guideposts for Children Magazine

Guideposts for Children Magazine

Baptist Youth Magazine

Home Life Magazine

Sesame Street Magazine

This story in Highlights for Children Magazine won the Illustrator of the Month Award.

Cover for Teacher-Parent Partnership. Rigby Press 2002

Cover for Teacher-Parent Partnership. Rigby Press 2002

This is the opening page to the first childrens book that I both wrote and illustrated, The Great Thistledown Flood (Harvest House). It was a Gold Medallion Award Finalist book.

Toothbrush Designs

from the Bron Smith Car Art Collection

E-Greeting Christmas Card, BabyNet

E-Greeting Card, BabyNet

E-greeting Thanksgiving Card, Baby Net

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season, from our house to yours! Bron Smith and family