My dear friend, Ron:

I’ll never forget the phone call from your son, Josh, last Saturday night. Through his tears he told us that you had suddenly and unexpectedly been taken, the victim of a freak traffic accident.
Ron, you were one of the most genuinely friendly people that I’ve ever known, and one of my best and most memorable friends.
I’ll always remember with fondness the times we shared at the coffee shop, the beach, at your house, and ours. There are so many fond memories of our families and friends on sunny summer weekends at the Pacific Ocean flying our kites and sharing good times.
We owe it all to you, Ron. It began that day many years ago when you showed up at our front door with a special gift for us…those first three Trlby kites. With time they would grow into my man-dragging 18 Trlby kite train. Your Trlby train was always bigger than mine…you had a 30 Trlby train.
You loved the beach so much that you and Jan moved two hours away from us to Westport, Washington, into your dream home right on the Pacific Ocean. We didn’t see each other much after that, but I still thought about you a lot. I told Jacquie that I was thinking about you and Jan and wondering how you all were doing last Saturday, the very day that Josh called to give us the sad news.
It’s a joy to know that we’ll meet again someday. I hope there’s a big sandy beach, and a kite shop in Heaven. I’ll meet you there.

Farewell, my friend,

June 15, 2005



Morale and espirit de corps would have been much better in my army units if you could have been the top sergeant. You would have made a great company commander. I'm glad we could all be together for Christmas this year.

December 28, 2004


Thank you, Carmine, for picking me up when I ran out of gas on the freeway at the Grand Mound exit (see Thurston County Map). Most people would have driven right by. I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter.

December 5, 2004


Thank you, Jerry, for coming to my rescue on that unforgettable night in Albuquerque. I don't know how I would have gotten through that night, or the trip, without your help.


Bron Smith
November 14, 2004